Home Care Accepting New Clients and Now Hiring RN's, MA's, LPN's & Case Managers


Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

PCA's are a very important factor to the people we serve with their day-to-day activities in their home , which includes providing assistance with their daily living, health-related task and procedures and helping redirect and improve their behavioral needs  are many of the needs and qualities Life Fountain Home Healthcare, Inc assist the people we serve. Some activities and needs  the people we serve may need based off the individuals care plan may include:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Feeding
  • Transfers
  • Hygiene 
  • Etc. 


Do you enjoy helping people organize and maintain a clean home and assisting with household activities, then Homemaking is your calling. Some general activities that our staff will be assisting in may include:

  •  Arranging Transportation
  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping for household supplies
  • Simple Household Repairs

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

Is helping the people we serve  maintain and improve their community-living skills an experience or trait that you have, which may include:

  • Building Communication Skills
  • Assisting in Community Living and Mobility
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Focusing on Self Care
  • Building sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills.

In-Home Family Support (IHFS)

 Do you enjoy providing assistance to the people we serve and their family in their home  to develop and improve home related skills such as:

  • Bed-making and household chores
  • Eating and preparation of food
  • Personal grooming and cleanliness
  • Social and Adaptive Skills
  • Health, safety and wellness
  • Household Management

Semi Independent Living Skills (SILS)

Do you have experience in assisting individuals to live successfully in the community? Are you interested in supporting someone as they learn new skills? Do you value helping someone reaching their goals in the following areas:

  • Manage money , prepare meals and shop with assistance
  • Engage in activities and be more active in their community
  • Obtain and maintain their home
  • Learn and exercise the right and responsibilities of community living


Do you enjoy outings in the community and assisting the people we serve  experience new things based off the type of Respite care the person we serve may need such as:

  • Out-of-home respite
  • In-home respite
  • Assisting in relieving the primary care giver of their duties
  • Outings into the community


Is advocating for the people we serve  your calling and assisting them in building and achieving their life long goals  something you enjoy and helping build confidence in their decision making such as:

  • Active cognitive support
  • Adaptive Support Services
  • Activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Household Management
  • Health, safety and wellness
  • community engagement 

Personal Support

Is interaction and building relationships something you enjoy learning or have experience in, that would benefit or help the people we serve which may include:

  • Accessing community services
  • Establishing new relationships and nurturing existing ones
  • Participating in community activities of the persons choosing

Supportive Employment

Is helping build resources and support for the people we serve find and keep paid employment in their community an interest or an experience you have, which may include assisting in:

  • Individual job development and job placement
  • Long-term support to help the person keep his/her job
  • Supervision and monitoring of the person's job performance
  • Training on position-specific skills required  for their position

Employment Exploration

Is building employment skills and organization something you enjoy  in assisting the people we serve such as:

  • Learning about job opportunities 
  • Building work experience 
  • Education visit's to community businesses to learn about various employment opportunities 

Employment Development

Is helping achieve competitive work skills and using them in the field with the people we serve  a skill you have and can assist in such as:

  • Supporting the people we serve in their new employment journey
  • Searching for employment that meets the people we serve skills
  • Help and negotiate and finalizing terms of employment
  • Development and completing job resumes and applications

Case Managers

 We're now hiring a Case Manager to help us continue growing. If you're serious about your next job, Life Fountain is a great place to get ahead. Join our team to assist individuals in reaching their goals and independence. Life Fountain is looking for a Case Manger that is compassionate, organized, and professional to serve individuals with disabilities, mental health needs, and the elderly, by developing care plans, visiting the person in their home to ensure their needs are meet, and to train, evaluate, and oversee the staff who work with these individuals.

This is the opportunity you've been looking for!  


Coordinate and facilitate care through assessment, evaluation, planning, and implementation

Communicate the individual’s needs to a variety of support team members and follow up accordingly

Work collaboratively with individuals, families, direct support staff, and nurses to ensure high quality care

Train staff on the individual’s care plan and facilitate staffing needs  


Registered nurse, Licensed social worker, Mental health professional, or

Baccalaureate degree or Associate degree in Psychology, Sociology, Human Development, Social Services, or other field related to human services

1-2 years full-time work experience providing direct care services to persons with disabilities or persons age 65 and older

Proficient computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Excel

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Excellent organization and analytical skills

Bilingual (Spanish-English preferred)

Pass a DHS background study

Flex hours, paid training, mileage reimbursement, PTO, paid holidays, dental and medical insurance available.